Bustimony 9-15-13

So I’m standing at the bus stop praising and worshiping God, and this 34 year old woman walks pass me on the sidewalk. Then she stopped and looked at me and said she could see the glory of God all over my face. Then we got into a conversation and she began to testify about the goodness of God in her own life.

She told me that she was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer and had to have her breasts removed, but now she is a three-year cancer survivor. God delivered her from her physical disease, and ever since then, she has surrendered her life to him. Then she said as she began to submit herself to God, he also delivered her from her disrespectful mouth, smoking dope, selling drugs, prostituting her body for money to pay her rent and food, and he delivered her from other illegal activities. She said after she changed her life around, her man left her and now she is a single parent mother. But she said that his leaving didn’t hurt her, it only caused her to see God as her main source. When she prays, God answers. When she is in need, God provides. When she is in trouble, God saves. People ask her why doesn’t she just find another man. She said she doesn’t need a man. God is all that she need.

She almost made me cut a two step. Won’t he do it, yall?! #HeTurntIt!

Bustimony 8-28-13

So I was on my way to the mall earlier to buy a sweater, and as I got off the bus, I ran into this homeless man sitting on the bench. He asked me for $.50. I gave him the $.50 plus a church flyer that read: “JESUS IS COMING. ARE YOU READY?” Then I topped it off by adding, “God loves you.”

Yay! I felt accomplished. I ministered to a homeless man AND I gave him some spare change. What!? 5 extra cool points with Jesus, right??? … No?? As I got ready to walk away, he looked down at the flyer, then looked back up at me and said, “I’m hungry.”

We stood there awkwardly and stared at each other for a moment, as I began to contemplate what did he expect me to do about his hunger pains. “Where do you want to eat,” I asked him. “Do you want some McDonald’s or something?”

He pointed across the street to a Chinese food restaurant. I gave him a blank stare and there was another awkward silence. “OK, well, if you’re still here when I come back out, I’ll buy you something to eat,” I said.

“Thank you, sir,” he replied.

I preceded inside the mall and wasn’t planning on meeting that man’s needs. I thought he was trying to hustle me. How many other people had he been taking money from? He didn’t even look homeless.

As I was searching the store, looking for that perfect winter sweater, I heard in my conscience, “Unless your righteousness supersedes that of the Pharisees and Scribes … He’s out there hungry. And you’re in here buying clothes. Which one of you have the greater need?” I tried to ignore the voice, but I was convicted.

Proverbs 3:27-28 NLT
Do not withhold good from those who deserve it, when it is in your power to act. Do not say to your neighbor, “Come back later; I’ll give it tomorrow”– when you now have it with you.

1 John 3:17 NLT
If someone has enough money to live well and sees a brother or sister in need but shows no compassion—how can God’s love be in that person?

James 2:14-16 NLT
What good is it, dear brothers and sisters, if you say you have faith but don’t show it by your actions? Can that kind of faith save anyone? Suppose you see a brother or sister who has no food or clothing, and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”—but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing. What good does that do?

So I stopped shopping, left the mall, went back out to the homeless man, took him across the street and treated him to some Chinese food. I also got a chance to minister to him on a more personal level to see where he was at in his relationship with God and I taught him how he could be secure of his salvation, because he said he didn’t know for sure if he’d be ready for Jesus’ return. As I sat next to him and watched him eat, I saw how he was just digging in. He must’ve been really hungry. I asked him if he wanted the fortune cookie but he said no. So I ate the cookie. And when I read the fortune inside, it read: “You are very appreciated by your company.” Wow!! That seemed almost prophetic.

Matthew 5:41-42 NIV
If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you.

How many of you all will allow God to stretch your love like that?

Bustimony 1-14-13

So I’m sitting on the bus stop and this black guy with dreads walks up and sits next to me. He was sagging, had an arm full of tats, had on a skully and was smoking a joint… Then he looked in my lap and saw a book. “What’s that? A Bible?” he asked. “Yeah. It’s a Bible,” I replied.

Then he put his joint out and began to confess his whole life story to me. He said he’s been struggling with drugs, lust for women and the street life. God has been calling him for the longest but he’s been running from God. But then he said he’s tired of running, and just had a conversation with God not to long ago before he ran into me, telling Him that he needs to get back in church.

I encouraged him with the Word and he said he felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders after he confessed his sins to me. He rededicated his life to Christ and said he’s going to get back in church. Praise God!!

I didn’t even plan on ministering to him. But I thank God that I was in position–ready in and out of season. And I also thank God that my brother got it together tonight!!! Look at the love of God chasing him down. God is able to transform a thug into a king!

Bustimony 12-22-12

Aww man. God is so awesome!!!! I just got off work, and as I was on my way to the bus stop, this homeless man approached me and asked me if I could pay for him to ride the bus.

I thought to myself, “God, I have to take 2 buses to get home. That’s $2 each. And I only have a 5 dollar bill. I don’t even have direct change for me. Let alone for him. And if I pay for him, I won’t have enough to catch the 2nd bus. But then I recalled scripture where it says do not withhold good to those whom it is due. And if you have it in the power of your hands to help, do it (paraphrased). So I was willing to sacrifice.

After I went around asking random people for change for a $5, (so I could save at least $1 and not put the whole $5 in the machine), I finally found someone with 5 ones.

Then when the bus came, I told the bus driver that I was paying for me and the other man, and he said, “Aww. You seem like a good kid. Go ahead and have a seat. You can ride for free. Both of you.” Then we got on… I was able to save my money, but at every other stop, the bus driver made everyone else pay.

Look at how Good God is!!! Look at how he blesses us when we sacrifice for others and have faith in him to make a way out of no way for us!!!

God did it! Oh yes he did! *victory dance*

Bustimony 12-5-12

I just want to take time to praise God. I had to catch 3 buses to get to school this morning, and while I was getting on the first bus, I found a transfer slip (which allows me to pay a one time discount fee). So I used that. Instead of paying $2, I paid 50 cent. Then later, after I got off the second bus and went to wait for the third bus, a friend who goes to my school saw me at the bus stop and offered me a ride. So I saved 2 more dollars.

Then after class, one of my classmates told me he was going off campus to eat and asked if I wanted to come, so I said sure. Then we went to KFC and I was going to buy my own meal, but he treated me. Ayye! Free chicken. I won’t complain. Lol. Then on my way back home from school, I got on the bus and ran into one of my Christian brothers, who stays in my neighborhood. We were sharing how our day went and started praising God on the bus and had everyone smiling and at least two more people praising God with us. When we got off the bus, we started singing gospel songs down the sidewalk.

Then we felt led to stand outside the corner store and sing and dance there. We blessed everyone who went in and left out the store and told them that Jesus loved them. One old man asked me for some money to get something to eat because he didn’t have enough, so I gave him what he needed and he blessed me. Then one teen came out the store and saw us and said he respected the fact that we werent ashamed to praise God in the open. Then this lady came out the store and I shared my salvation story with her and she said I encouraged her and she could feel a tingling sensation go down her spine by me sharing the Word with her. I hope that tingly feeling was the Holy Ghost. Lol…. Then, I finally made it home. Peaceful. Joyous. Belly-filled. Amen!