Bustimony 12-22-12

Aww man. God is so awesome!!!! I just got off work, and as I was on my way to the bus stop, this homeless man approached me and asked me if I could pay for him to ride the bus.

I thought to myself, “God, I have to take 2 buses to get home. That’s $2 each. And I only have a 5 dollar bill. I don’t even have direct change for me. Let alone for him. And if I pay for him, I won’t have enough to catch the 2nd bus. But then I recalled scripture where it says do not withhold good to those whom it is due. And if you have it in the power of your hands to help, do it (paraphrased). So I was willing to sacrifice.

After I went around asking random people for change for a $5, (so I could save at least $1 and not put the whole $5 in the machine), I finally found someone with 5 ones.

Then when the bus came, I told the bus driver that I was paying for me and the other man, and he said, “Aww. You seem like a good kid. Go ahead and have a seat. You can ride for free. Both of you.” Then we got on… I was able to save my money, but at every other stop, the bus driver made everyone else pay.

Look at how Good God is!!! Look at how he blesses us when we sacrifice for others and have faith in him to make a way out of no way for us!!!

God did it! Oh yes he did! *victory dance*

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