Struggling Ministers

As a leader/preacher, it may be hard for you to confess to anyone that you still struggle with certain sins because you have this idea that you’re supposed to be an example to others and you’re not supposed to have any struggles or issues of your own… (Pfft. Yeah right…)

You may even have people come to you every day asking you for advice about an issue that you may secretly possess as well. (Uh, oh… What do you do then?)

Don’t let pride eat you up. Don’t let your pride keep you from seeking help with the issues you may have. Don’t think of yourself so high and mighty. As a leader, remember that you are still a growing Christian yourself. You aren’t perfect. God still has to mature you and deliver you in some areas, too. You may be a minister to many, but let someone else who is mature in the Spirit be a minister to you as well. Of course you can go to God, but God oftentimes speaks through people. So find yourself a confidant and open up to them.

For wisdom purposes, you may not be able to tell every one, every thing, every time. But you can tell some one, some things, sometimes!

“But I already know what they’re going to say. I already know what scriptures they’re going to give me…”

Well, guess what. Sometimes, even though you already know, it’s good to be reminded. And also, if you already know what they are going to say, then why haven’t you applied it to your own life yet? Live out your own advice!


Religious folk will try to sit you down from your position if they see you still have weaknesses. But they can’t sit you down from your position if they didn’t put you in position…. If God called you AND sent you, then you have his approval. Don’t worry about your weakness. When you are weak, he is strong in you. For his glory!

However, many are CALLED to preach. But not everyone is SENT right away. There is a process God has to take you through before he puts you on the front line. He may send you out 2×2 to do little stuff. But then he will call you back in.

Only when you are equipped with POWER from on high will you be ready to go all out.

Holy Spirit, rain down on your people!!!

2 thoughts on “Struggling Ministers

  1. Sometimes, when I’m going through, I pray that God will send someone to minister to me, but he instead sends someone who is struggling with what I’m struggling with, and I end up ministering to them… And after I minister to them, I get the answer to my own problems… God will minister to you THROUGH you.

    Proverbs 11:25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.


  2. Sometimes, we just got to be real with ourselves. We really have to die to our pride.

    We have to get to the place where if someone comes to us and tells us their struggles and ask for prayer, we can be like, “Bruh/sis, I’m struggling with the same thing right now. I may need you to pray for me.”


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