Bustimony 12-5-12

I just want to take time to praise God. I had to catch 3 buses to get to school this morning, and while I was getting on the first bus, I found a transfer slip (which allows me to pay a one time discount fee). So I used that. Instead of paying $2, I paid 50 cent. Then later, after I got off the second bus and went to wait for the third bus, a friend who goes to my school saw me at the bus stop and offered me a ride. So I saved 2 more dollars.

Then after class, one of my classmates told me he was going off campus to eat and asked if I wanted to come, so I said sure. Then we went to KFC and I was going to buy my own meal, but he treated me. Ayye! Free chicken. I won’t complain. Lol. Then on my way back home from school, I got on the bus and ran into one of my Christian brothers, who stays in my neighborhood. We were sharing how our day went and started praising God on the bus and had everyone smiling and at least two more people praising God with us. When we got off the bus, we started singing gospel songs down the sidewalk.

Then we felt led to stand outside the corner store and sing and dance there. We blessed everyone who went in and left out the store and told them that Jesus loved them. One old man asked me for some money to get something to eat because he didn’t have enough, so I gave him what he needed and he blessed me. Then one teen came out the store and saw us and said he respected the fact that we werent ashamed to praise God in the open. Then this lady came out the store and I shared my salvation story with her and she said I encouraged her and she could feel a tingling sensation go down her spine by me sharing the Word with her. I hope that tingly feeling was the Holy Ghost. Lol…. Then, I finally made it home. Peaceful. Joyous. Belly-filled. Amen!

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