Tag Team Evangelism

So I had another encounter at the bus stop just a while ago. Lol. I was standing at the bus stop wearing the shirt in the picture, and this skateboarder that was sitting on the bench next to me looked up and read my shirt. “What’s all this Jesus stuff about,” he asked. “Well, I’m a Christian,” I replied. “Oh. So you and Jesus are boys?” “Naw, Jesus isn’t my homeboy. He’s my savior.” So the conversation went on from there. I told him that Jesus saved me from my sins, and he said that nobody can save you but yourself. He said that I was my own god, and that I had to live my own life and make up my own rules… Then he began to raise his voice at the bus stop telling everyone, “Hey, look at this guy! It’s the black Jesus!” I cut to the chase and told him to repent from his sins and believe in Christ before his pride causes him to fall. Then he told me to shut the f*** up and called me a stupid B*****, etc… So I left it at that…

Then when we got on the bus, I sat down, and he ended up sitting right next to me and started asking me questions about God, Jesus, faith and etc… So I answered some of his questions, but he was still hard-hearted and was making mockery of God. The bus driver overheard our conversation, and after making a few stops, he called both of us to the front of the bus. And when we went up to see what he wanted, the bus driver rebuked the guy and started ministering the gospel to him! The bus driver actually stopped the bus on the side of the road at a bus stop, on a busy street, in front of a green light (with cars honking at him), and preached the gospel to him! And the guy listened! Then I went to the back of the bus and started preaching the gospel to everyone else who was on the bus. I like how God set that up! #TagTeam. #1-1-Six LEGGO!!!! 😀

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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