Bustimony 1-14-13

So I’m sitting on the bus stop and this black guy with dreads walks up and sits next to me. He was sagging, had an arm full of tats, had on a skully and was smoking a joint… Then he looked in my lap and saw a book. “What’s that? A Bible?” he asked. “Yeah. It’s a Bible,” I replied.

Then he put his joint out and began to confess his whole life story to me. He said he’s been struggling with drugs, lust for women and the street life. God has been calling him for the longest but he’s been running from God. But then he said he’s tired of running, and just had a conversation with God not to long ago before he ran into me, telling Him that he needs to get back in church.

I encouraged him with the Word and he said he felt like a burden was lifted off his shoulders after he confessed his sins to me. He rededicated his life to Christ and said he’s going to get back in church. Praise God!!

I didn’t even plan on ministering to him. But I thank God that I was in position–ready in and out of season. And I also thank God that my brother got it together tonight!!! Look at the love of God chasing him down. God is able to transform a thug into a king!

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