A Need for Weed


So earlier, I wrote a status about how I was praying for Miami to be delivered from perversion and drug addiction. Well, God just gave me an opportunity to minister to a drug addict in Miami.

As I was on my way home, waiting at this bus stop in Opa Locka (and everyone from Miami knows what kind of area Opa Locka is), this rough, 40 something year old woman walked up from behind me.

As I turned around, she began to speak up, “Do you have a bag on you?”

I was like, “No.”

Then she said, “I need a bag of weed, and I need some now.”

I told her that I didn’t have any weed, but I had some Jesus, and I offered him to her.

She said she believes in God. And I applauded her. Then I asked her if she believed in Jesus as well, and she said yes. I proceeded to ask her if she thought Jesus would be pleased with her using her temple to get high all the time.

She responded by saying, “Yeah, Jesus is pleased with me smoking weed. Jesus smokes weed too.”

I then had a conversation with her, re-introducing her to the Jesus of the Bible, who died for our sins. Not for us to continue to live in sin, but for us to receive power to come out of it. She then got offended, started acting unseemly, and began to make threats to me. But then I told her that God loves her, and I started praying in the atmosphere for her and proclaiming deliverance over her life, and she turned around and walked off…

May God bless her and all of Miami’s citizens who are in the same shoes as her.

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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