Bustimony 9-15-13

So I’m standing at the bus stop praising and worshiping God, and this 34 year old woman walks pass me on the sidewalk. Then she stopped and looked at me and said she could see the glory of God all over my face. Then we got into a conversation and she began to testify about the goodness of God in her own life.

She told me that she was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer and had to have her breasts removed, but now she is a three-year cancer survivor. God delivered her from her physical disease, and ever since then, she has surrendered her life to him. Then she said as she began to submit herself to God, he also delivered her from her disrespectful mouth, smoking dope, selling drugs, prostituting her body for money to pay her rent and food, and he delivered her from other illegal activities. She said after she changed her life around, her man left her and now she is a single parent mother. But she said that his leaving didn’t hurt her, it only caused her to see God as her main source. When she prays, God answers. When she is in need, God provides. When she is in trouble, God saves. People ask her why doesn’t she just find another man. She said she doesn’t need a man. God is all that she need.

She almost made me cut a two step. Won’t he do it, yall?! #HeTurntIt!

2 thoughts on “Bustimony 9-15-13

    1. I used to love when I encountered people when I rode the public bus. So many testimonies and evangelistic moments.


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