Some of you all have the gift to sing. Some of you all have the gift to dance. Some of you have the gift to prophecy or to reveal knowledge. Some of you all have the gift to preach and teach. But the GIFT means nothing without the ANOINTING. Come on, somebody! I feel the fire of the Holy Ghost!!! It is the anointing that destroys the yokes, not the gift! Without the anointing, all you’re doing is putting on a show, entertaining the people and getting them in their emotions. But it is the anointing that brings the deliverance!

When David, who had been ANOINTED by the Prophet Samuel, played the harp in the presence of King Saul, Saul got delivered from an evil spirit that was tormenting him. David just wasn’t playing the harp because he could play, or because he wanted to show off his talent. He was playing the harp strategically because he knew that the anointing on his life would be able to destroy the yokes of bondage off of the King.

Those of you who sing in the choir; those of you who dance on the praise team, those of you who whoop and holler behind the pulpit, WHERE IS YOUR ANOINTING?!

God wants to give you his anointing so your gifts can have some real power behind it! Don’t let your gifts cause you to become arrogant, prideful or puffed up in yourself. Humble yourself before the presence of the Almighty God. Humble yourself like the shepherdboy, David, so you can be endowed with the anointing of God! I speak this to you prophetically: When you develop a genuine heart for God’s sheep and aren’t just using your gift for personal vainglory,  that’s when God is going to release the oil to be poured out over your head!!!! Get your heart in position!


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