Abstinence Does Not Mean Deliverance

Abstinence does not mean deliverance.

(But it’s a good start, though!)

Practicing abstinence is like cutting off the branches of a tree. Without the branches, no fruit can be manifested. But branches grow back eventually. So to really stop the tree from producing fruit, you have to dig up the tree from its roots.

Likewise, by abstaining from fornication, that’s like cutting off a branch from the tree of perversion. When you cut off the branch of fornication, the fruits of emotional dependency, STDS and unwed pregnancy can’t grow. Therefore, abstinence is good, it takes away the symptoms! But, to really be delivered, you have to deal with the sinful thoughts in your heart, which is the root to the sexual perversion.

You can be physically abstinent but still be a slave to lust and sexual fantasies in your heart/mind. Until you cut off the root of perversion in the heart, then the branch of fornication and the fruit of STDS, unwed pregnancy and emotional dependency will keep growing back. This is why people keep falling  back into sexual sin. They are practicing physical abstinence, but haven’t been fully delivered in their minds. You must get delivered by renewing your mind daily. Renew your way of thinking. Instead of meditating on and feeding your sexual thoughts, uproot the thoughts and then prevent them from taking root again by casting them down whenever  they try to exalt themselves in your mind. If you can control your thoughts, then you can control your actions!

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