The Opposite Of Homosexuality Is Holiness

For those of you desiring to come out of homosexuality:

It’s more to deliverance than just being straight. The opposite of homosexuality/perversion isn’t heterosexuality. The opposite of homosexuality/perversion is holiness.

Straight people have sin too. Straight people live in sexual immorality too. Straight people need deliverance too. Straight people, if they don’t repent, will go to hell too. And since there’s more straight people in the world than there are gay people, that means proportionally, there will be more straight people in hell than there will be gay people, if you stop to think about it.

Let your new mindset be this: Life isn’t about simply being straight. It’s about being holy. For without holiness, no man shall see God (gay or straight). Holiness is achieved when you have accepted Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. When you accept Christ into your life, he covers you with his blood, and you become forgiven and justified (excused) of your sins. Because of your faith, Jesus takes the stain of your sins and places them on himself, and then he places his righteousness on you. You are then filled with the precious Holy Spirit whom sanctifies you (sets you apart) and helps you to live a life that is pleasing, honorable and acceptable unto God.

When God sees you through Christ, he no longer sees you as a gay or bisexual man. He sees you as his beloved son. He no longer sees a lesbian. He sees his beloved daughter. As God’s dearly beloved son and daughter, if you never attain “straightness” or if you never develop opposite sex attraction (and don’t get me wrong, God can most assuredly restore those desires and preferences in you; there’s nothing impossible for him), then it’s OK. Because at the end of the day, it’s about living a holy life unto God, not about living a straight life. #HolinessOverHomosexuality #HolinessOverHeterosexuality

My prayer is that God will supernaturally restore the natural affections for the opposite sex within the hearts of every believer who experiences same-sex attraction (SSA). But even if he doesn’t do that in this lifetime (which I know he can), he is still God and is still worthy to be praised. Like the Three Hebrew Boyz, I pray that all believers who experience SSA will choose to obey and serve God regardless of if he delivers them from their SSA or not. I pray that they will not bow down to the idol of homosexuality. I pray for their strength and endurance to stand on the word of God and for them to not buckle under peer pressure or temptation.

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