Having been married for only a little over a month now, I am in a place where I’m finally understanding what it truly means to “forsake all others.” I’m learning that the vow I took before God to my wife doesn’t only require me to forsake all romantic relationships with other women [and/or even men] whom I may find attractive, but this vow also requires me to forsake all long-term friendships, ministry and business partnerships, and even family relationships–namely the close-knitted relationship that I have with my single-parent mother. I have to reestablish, rearrange, and reprioritize all other relationships I’ve established in my life for the sake of cleaving to, and becoming one with my wife, of whom I have the most personal and intimate covenant-relationship with–second only to my covenant with God. I can’t allow anyone or anything to get in the way of, or to put asunder what God has sovereignly joined together.



Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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