His Will, His Bill

When my wife and I first got engaged on July 21, 2012, we didn’t have any money in the bank for a wedding. We were broke! However, half way throughout our engagement process, God spoke to me in a dream (on April 11, 2013 to be exact) and He told me that He wanted us to get married specifically on June 28, 2014, which was a little over a year away. He confirmed this date through the mouth of 2-3 other witnesses, and it was revealed to us that the number 28 was symbolic for covenant.

We didn’t know where the money for a wedding was going to come from because neither of us were making enough money on our jobs, and both sets of our parents were unable to give us money due to their financial situation. We didn’t want to go into debt by taking out a loan to have a wedding, and we had very little financial support from family and friends, so we contemplated just getting married at a court. But, one day God spoke to us through a prophet and told us that He was going to perform unexpected miracles, signs and wonders in our lives. God told us that it was not in His will for us to get married at a court. God showed both me and my wife several dreams of us getting married at a church with many guests. So we knew that God wanted us to have a big wedding ceremony.

I doubted how God was going to come through for us, so I asked my boss for over time at my job. Then, when I saw that two of my friends had created a GoFundMe page and actually succeeded at fundraising $15,000 for their wedding, I thought that maybe I should give GoFundMe a try myself. So I created a GoFundMe page for $20,000, and began to advertise it on social media, but I was only able to raise $496. That’s when God rebuked me. God told me not to compare how he provided for another couple with how he was going to provide for me. God told me that by me fundraising money for my wedding, it was as if I was practically begging others to help pay for my wedding, instead of trusting God wholeheartedly to fulfill the prophetic word he had spoken to me. God told me to stop asking people for financial assistance. So I stopped advertising the GoFundMe page. God compared the $496 that I fundraised on my GoFundMe page to birthing an “Ishmael” in my flesh. He told me that he would bless the  $496, but that wasn’t the promise. He told me that my promised “Isaac” was still on the way. God then told me and my wife that we wouldn’t have to spend any money out of our own pockets because he was going to reveal himself to us as JEHOVAH-JIREH, our provider. God said that after he supernaturally pays for the whole wedding all by Himself, others will see his manifested glory, our faith in Him will be strengthened, and we will know that He is with us and has ordained our marriage. So I said, “Ok, Lord. If this is your WILL, then it is your BILL.” ,

So, my wife and I stopped saving up money for the wedding. God instructed us to focus only on planning the wedding. We didn’t need to hire a wedding planner either, because God told us that he would be our wedding planner. God led us by his Spirit in whom to chose for our vendors and for our caterer.

Here is everything that was included in our wedding package: a bachelor’s party, bachelorette’s party, a wedding shower, a Traditional Nigerian Engagement Ceremony with tailor-made African outfits for the both of us, her engagement ring, both of our wedding bands, an engagement photoshoot at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, a wedding website, save the date magnets, official invitations, programs, my tux, her wedding dress, peti coat, veil, shoes, and accessories, hair/make up, rental of the church for the ceremony, a wedding coordinator for day-of services, guest book and pen, isle runner and isle flowers, 2 pillars, 2 flower girl baskets, ring box, 2 large printed posters of us, plus the frames and the stands to put them on display at the wedding/reception, bride’s and bridesmaid’s bouquets, groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, parent’s corsages and boutonnieres, flower girl petals, sand vases and sand, 2 rented limousines and a Mercedes-Benz C250 for the weekend, 2 videographers, 2 photographers, rental of the hotel for the reception, outside food caterer, chavari chairs, table runners, favors, reception flowers and centerpieces, uplighting, monogram, drapes, DJ, name cards, table numbers, wedding cake, toast flutes, cake cutter and server, our marriage license, 2 passports, 2 plane tickets, and a 6-day, 5-night all-inclusive honeymoon to the Bahamas. Estimated cost: OVER $22,000! And we didn’t pay for any of it out of our own pockets! I was reminded of the GoFundMe page that I had set up for $20,000, but God did exceedingly abundantly, above and beyond what we could ask or even think of him! He blessed us with a wedding that was over $22,000!

God touched the heart of every vendor and caterer that we chose, and they gave us favor. We got some things on discount and other things were given to us for absolutely free. For the things that we did have to pay full price for, God had random people come up to us and write us out checks for thousands of dollars in order to pay for those things. And one day, we went to a bridal show and were voted by the crowd as the best engaged couple, so as a prize, we receive a free honeymoon to the Bahamas. God fulfilled his word! We didn’t have to spend a penny, just like He said! He paid it all!

This is just a testimony of the power and glory of God, and it is also a testimony to encourage you that if God speaks a word over your life, don’t doubt him! Have faith and hold on to that word! You can guarantee that he will bring it to pass! God is real, and he cannot lie! Trust and believe in Him!

Watch “Davon & Deborah Wedding Film” on YouTube: https://youtu.be/dZGRMyIwd_k7

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