Know Those Who Labor Amongst You

We went to the same church, so I got to KNOW her as a sister in Christ first. Then, when she transfered to my school, I got to KNOW her as a college peer. After seeing her so frequently and becoming well acquainted with her, I got to KNOW her as a personal and close friend. Then, after we were led to get engaged, I got to KNOW her as my confidant, my accountability partner, and my #1 supporter. And now that we’re married and have moved in together, I’m getting to KNOW her as a wife, as a lover and as a roommate.

There’s nothing like being in a relationship with someone whom you have taken the time out to get to KNOW. So many couples hook up, go out on dates, do fun and romantic things together, but never take the time out to actually get to KNOW the person–who they are, what their morals and convictions are, what they believe in, what their goals in life are, what they are looking to gain from the relationship, etc.

Then, later on in the relationship, as true colors begin to surface and as things begin to go downhill, the couple catches themselves saying things like, “If I had KNOWN they were like this, I would have never gotten into a relationship with them.” … And that’s their problem–They entered into a relationship with a stranger–someone they didn’t KNOW.

The word KNOW derives from the word KNOWledge. When you have knowledge about someone, you become wise. Wisdom puts you in a position to make rational, sensible and intelligent decisions. Get to KNOW people first, before you dive into a vulnerable, romantic/covenant relationship with them. Gaining KNOWLEDGE about a person before you allow them into the most innerparts of your life will save you from a lot of surprises, hurt, pain, brokenness, heartaches, distrust, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness and confusion.

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