The Case of the Lost Notebook

Yesterday, I left my notebook on campus with all of my church notes, dreams, visions, prophecies and etc. in it. I was so upset because I thought I had just lost everything that God has been saying to me in this season. When I came back to campus this morning to look for it, I went to the lost and found, and it wasn’t there. I asked the custodians and they didn’t see it. I went into the bathroom and it wasn’t in there… Then I went to the bus stop, which is the last place I was before I left yesterday. It wasn’t on the ground, and it wasn’t on the bench. I began to get discouraged. But then something told me to look in the garbage can. So I looked in the garbage can, which was full of trash, but my notebook was the first thing I saw on top!

Praise God!!!! The custodians usually change the trash bags when it gets full or at the end of each day. But this time, they didn’t! Then, out of curiosity, I went to go look in several other garbage cans around campus, and they were all emptied and the trash bags in them were all changed. Thank God that the custodians overlooked the garbage can my notebook was in! I don’t believe that was a coincidence!

I learned two morals this morning. 1.) Be more responsible. 2.) Practice studying and memorizing the word of God more often, because the written word won’t always be with you. We are coming into a time where the word of God must be written on your heart!!

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