EX-Homosexuals and Marriage

If you are a man who has had a HOMOSEXUAL past, but you are now a NEW CREATION in Christ, don’t feel intimidated, hopeless or discouraged about marriage.

You may feel too inadequate, effeminate or passive. You may feel like you aren’t man enough to be a husband. You may feel like no woman will ever want to be with you. You may have a hard time being attracted to women and may be afraid to become intimate with one. But don’t worry!!

If you let GOD ordain your marriage, he’ll give you a wife who accepts your past and who understand your struggle. You don’t have to worry about trying to get her to see you wear the pants in the relationship. You’re wife, being filled with the Spirit of God, will submit to you as you submit to Him!

If you allow God to have his way in your life, he will deliver you from all those fears you have about marriage. He will give you healthy and sexual attractions for your wife. And he will use the LOVE of your wife to break you and shape you into the Man of God you were called to be.

God is raising me up to be your example and your encouragement. And as God prophesied it to me, I now prophesy it to you: You are the HEAD and not the tail! You are the TOP and not the bottom! You are a LEADER! Embrace your MANHOOD and step into your AUTHORITY!

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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