Laws Don’t Make People Sin

Obama passing laws to legalize homosexual marriages and abortion isn’t an effort to “lead the nation to hell.” This nation does a pretty good job leading itself to hell.

Even if the U.S. government was to make these practices illegal, people will still tresspass against God’s commandments by having homosexual sex and aborting their unwanted babies… They’ve been doing it way before it was legal, and they’ll definitely keep doing it now that it is legal.

Regardless, this nation does enough sinning on it’s own without a president. Stop blaming Obama for other people’s actions. Laws don’t make people sin. The evil desires within a man’s heart makes him sin. And everyone will be judged according to his or her own deeds committed in the flesh.

It’s time to make some change! Repent and turn back to God so he can wipe out your iniquities and shape and mold you back into his image. Selah.

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