Nothing gets me more excited than a woman who knows her Word, seriously. I love women who love Jesus. That goes for my fiancee, and for every other daughter of God out there. I commend you ladies for standing up and being unashamed of the gospel.

Be encouraged to know that Mary-Mary and Salome were the first evangelists (Mark 16:1-11). They were the first to witness the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the first to share the good news with the Disciples. Women are important to the faith, as well as to humanity in general. Heck, if it weren’t for a woman, I wouldn’t be here today. No man would… (Besides Adam of course, because he was created from the dust of the ground.) But women are life givers. Both naturally and spiritually. Keep on birthing life, ladies! Birth out that life (baby) that God has blessed you to have! Birth out that life (Word) that dwells richly in you!

You are very much appreciated by me, and by other genuine men of God. You are not our inferior! You are our helper! And don’t take that as a light thing. Jesus is known as our ever-present “help” in our times of need. And The Holy Spirit is also known as a “Helper.” It’s not a degrading or belittling thing to be called a helper. Jesus and the Holy Spirit are anything but inferior.

And look at it like this, for God to have created you ladies to be our “helpers,” that means that we as men are not self-sufficient. We actually need you to complete the task that God has given us. We are only halves. But when we link up with you, we become whole.

Just wanted to bless you all with that. I LOVE YOU!!!

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