Desperate For You

Testimony: I was just at Walmart earlier. As I was parking to go inside, the Holy Spirit spontaneously led me to just sit in the parking lot for a while, roll all my windows down and blast a worship set from my speakers. I played “Desperate For You” by Prayer Room Legacy Nashville. Mind you, I have never done anything like this before.

A few minutes into the worship set, an older Hispanic woman randomly walked up to my car and stood in front of my driver’s door.

“Is that worship music you’re playing,” she asked?

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“I was all the way on the other side of the Walmart parking lot and I heard you playing worship music. The Holy Spirit led me to walk over and talk to you… Are you a Christian?”
“Yes, I am. A pastor, actually.”

After learning I was a Christian brother and pastor, she proceeded to share her testimony with me about how she is a born again believer, filled with the Holy Spirit, water baptized, and was a faithful member and tither at her church. She recently had open heart surgery and showed me her scars. Her church said they would help her out financially because she lost her job and eventually her home after her surgery. But not only did the church not help her out, but no one even visited her in the hospital while she was recovering. After having a confrontation with the pastor about some personal matters, he got offended and kicked her out of the church and asked her not to come back.

She hasn’t been to church in over two months after the incident, and misses being around other believers. The pastor has since called her to apologize and she forgave him but doesn’t feel led to go back to his church. Like the lyrics of the song I was blasting in the car, she said she is desperate for more of God and listening to his word. So I spoke the word of God over her and shared a message I had recently preached on the Holy Spirit.

Afterwards, she asked if I could pray for her. So I got out of the car and we worshiped God together in the parking lot and then I laid hands on her and prayed for her. She said she felt a refreshing in her spirit and was encouraged. I shared my church’s social media with her so she can join our online services and fellowship with us whenever she’s free. She thanked me, gave me a hug, blessed me and went about her way.

I didn’t know why I was moved to blast my music in a Walmart parking lot. But God knew who needed to hear it. It pays to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when he leads you to do something. Even if you don’t understand why, just obey by faith. Blessings come from your obedience. 🕊 🔥 🙏🏾

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