The Price For Sin

If we have not accepted Jesus Christ into our lives as our Savior, then that means we are currently condemned in our sins. And if we die in our sins, we will go to hell. The PRICE to go to hell is CHEAP: a sinful life. But the price to get out is very COSTLY: a perfect life.

A perfect life is SCARCE in all the earth. Not one of us can attain a perfect life because we have all sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are BANKRUPT of God’s righteousness (POOR in faith). And our own self-righteousness is like COUNTERFEIT money; it will easily be detected and stamped VOID. Thus, we cannot AFFORD to even BUY ourselves out of Hell.

Jesus is the only sinless man who walked the earth, and his blood is RICH enough to BAIL us out of hell. Out of an unconditional and sacrificial love for us, Jesus laid his life down for our sake. He became our RANSOM and willingly allowed his perfect blood to be poured out on Calvary, paying the ultimate PRICE for us to get out of DEBT.

Satan, my Lord and Savior has completely redeemed, or PURCHASED me back from you, death and hell. I am now SOLD OUT to Jesus Christ. And don’t worry, my salvation has been PAID IN FULL. I’ll keep the CHANGE.

**drops mic and walks away**


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