Being Raped, Molested, Or Sexually Abused At A Young Age Forces You To Grow Up Fast.

Some Become Sexually Promiscuous. Others Turn Out Gay. Some Develop Bad Attitudes, Trust Issues, Live In Fear, Guilt, Shame, Etc…

Some Grow A Shell To Keep Others Out And To Protect Themselves From Being Hurt Again. Others Go Out Of Their Way And Will Do Anything It Takes To Be Loved Because Most Times They Were Deprived Of Pure And Genuine Love At Home. Most, If Not All, Just Want Attention, Acceptance, Affirmation, Or Validation.

You Grow Up Feeling Confused Because You Don’t Know What You Did To Be Hurt The Way You Were By A Person Who Was Supposed To Love And Protect You, Whether A Family Member Or A Family Friend Or Maybe Somebody Who Just Took Advantage Of You. You Grow Up Angry At God For Allowing It To Happen And Begin To Doubt His Goodness. You Blame Yourself For Things That Nobody Could Control.

Well Guess What. I’m A Survivor Of It! Being A Survivor Doesn’t Mean You Won’t Experience Post Trauma Or Have Moments Of Vulnerability. It Just Means You’re Strong Enough To Get Through It.

I Struggle Daily, I Experience Trigger Moments, I Have Flashbacks, I Get Upset, I Love Hard, I Get Hurt Easily, I Hesitate To Let New People In My Life, I Question Everyone’s Motives, I Have Trust Issues, At Times I’m Very Emotional. Sometimes I Hide My Pain Behind A Smile. The Memory Of My Past Can Be A Constant Thorn… But I Try Not To Live There.

I Am Not Ashamed! I Am A Voice For The Voiceless. I Am A Warrior. I Am No Longer A Victim. I Am Victorious. You Can Be Too!#CopyAndPasteIfYoureASurvivor Or If You Know A Survivor, Keep Them Lifted In Prayer. If It Happened To You, It Wasn’t Your Fault. You Can And Will Heal From This, But It Will Take A While. Healing Is A Journey. Open Wounds Do Eventually Close. The Scar Will Serve As A Memory Of The Incident And May Not Go Away, But The Physical Pain From The Incident Will.

Healing Starts With Acknowledging And Confessing The Pain, Forgiving The Perpetrator, And Letting Go Of What Happened To You. Invite God Into Your Heart To Mend The Brokenness.

PSA – I’m Fine. I Am Not Asking For Attention, Pity Or Sympathy. I Just Want To Bring Awareness To The Reality Of What People Like Me Go Through And To Share That I Am A Living Testimony.

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