God Answers Prayers


Wow. God is real and prayer works!!!!

So I felt led to pray about everything I did today.

My first task today was to attend a high school career fair as a guest speaker. As I was driving to the school, I prayed and asked God to open a door of opportunity for me to not just talk to the students about my job, but to also share my testimony with them and leave an impact on their lives. When the school administrator escorted me to the first class that I would be speaking to, I started out talking about my job, internship opportunities, etc., but then the convo somehow randomly shifted to pornography, so I started to minister to them about that. Come to find out, some of the students were actually dealing with the addiction. The teacher of that class began to speak up and preach to the students as well!

After my time was up, I was escorted to the second classroom. Again, I started talking about my job, but the topic shifted as the students started to ask me questions relating to my personal life, so I began to share my testimony with them. The entire room was silent as they all listened to my story. Then I shared a part of my story of when I was bullied in high school and I felt like a misfit and couldn’t fit in. One student started crying in the middle of the class because she said that she could relate to me. I began to prophesy to her in the middle of the classroom and speak life over her.

Then, it was time for me to transition to the next location, which was in the gym. I set up my table with all of my company’s program material and giveaways. And there were at least a dozen other vendors tables in the gym as well to speak to the students about their careers. But most of the students only came to my table and they stayed almost the entire time. The administrator was telling the students to rotate and go to the next table but they stayed and listened to everything that I had to say to them. I was going in, talking to them about relationships, dating, sex, commitment, character development, self worth and value, and whatever else was on my heart to talk to them about. Nobody wanted to leave the table, even after I was done talking and had nothing else to say. They just stood and stared at me in awe.

Once I left the school, my next task was to go to a juvenile detention center and conduct a workshop with a group of all male inmates. This group of juveniles give me a rough time every time I go to the site. But today I prayed. I prayed that they would behave and cooperate with me. I prayed that they would listen to what I had to say and participate in the activities. When I got there, the students were respectful, quiet, orderly, and they listened. They even willingly participated and I didn’t have to beg them to. I was amazed at their behavior.

My next task was to visit another high school and schedule a meeting with a principal. I’ve been trying to schedule an appointment to meet with this principal for the longest but the school never allows me to speak with him. His secretary always gives me the runaround and she has not referred to him all of the messages that I wanted to give him. So when I pulled up in the parking lot, before I get out of the car, I prayed. I prayed that I will have a chance to talk to the principal. Once I got inside the school, I asked the secretary if I can meet with him. She told me no he was busy and would not allow me into his office. As soon as she said that, a fight broke out in the front of the school and the principal was messaged on his walkie-talkie. He then ran out of his office outside to break up the fight. God told me to go outside and wait for him. I went outside and waited for him. Once he came back up toward the front door of the school, I was able to meet with him briefly and give him my message that the secretary never gave him.

After I left the school, I was on my way home and I was thinking to myself… ‘I need a new pair of all black shoes and a pair of all white shoes with a little burgundy in it.’ Then God spoke to my spirit and told me to visit a shoe store called Cool J’s. I’ve never purchased shoes from this store before. So I rerouted and went to the store. Before I went in, I prayed. I prayed that the exact shoes that I was looking for will be inside. When I stepped inside, the first shoe that I saw on the shelf was the exact shoe I’ve been looking online for the last couple of weeks. Triple black Special Field AF1 midtops. Online, the shoe was $100-130, but it was sold out on every site that I went to. But at this store, the shoe was on the shelf and it was only $85. I asked the store manager what size did he have, and he told me that he only have one pair left and the size was 10.5. Which was my size!! Then I was thinking to myself which pair of white shoes should I get. I looked all throughout the store and did not find a pair that I liked. I was thinking of maybe getting some all white Air Jordans or some all white Vans, but they didn’t have any. Then God gave me a vision of me wearing some all white classic Chuck Taylors Converse. So I was like okay God. I’ll get those if they have any. I found the exact shoe on the shelf at the very end of the store and it had burgundy trimmings! It was only $40.

This is a testimony to encourage everyone to pray! You may not always get exactly what you pray for, especially if you are asking amiss or asking with the wrong motives in your heart. But when you delight yourself in the Lord, when you have a heart to please God and to do his will, a lot of times God will bless you with the desires of your heart.

Pray. God hears. God cares. God answers. 💯

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