If Jesus Died For Our Sins, Why Do We Still Sin?

When Jesus came to earth 🌍 the first time, he died on the  cross for our sins 😱–to deliver us from the curse, penalty or wages 💲 of our sin, which was DEATH 💀. In other words, by him dying for our sins, he took our punishment for us, and we are no longer hopelessly damned with a first class ticket to hell 🔥. We have a way of escape now through Him. As born again believers🙏, we have received, by faith, Jesus’ sacrifice 🐐 and atonement, and therefore we will not be judged for our sins come judgment day. **Yay!**

Unfortunately, we still have to face sin in this life though, because it dwells within our fleshly bodies 😧 **sigh**. Sin lives within our soulish realm (which is our thoughts, feelings and desires.) This is the part that bothers 😬 and sometimes confuses 😕 many of us as Christians. We know that we have accepted Jesus in our lives and that he’s  forgiven us of our sin. We go to church ⛪, pay our tithes 💵, pray 🙏, fast 🍴, read the bible 📖, evangelize 📰, and etc. But we still struggle with sin daily and get tired of repenting from it. Ugh. Why didn’t Jesus just do completely away with our sinful nature 😑?

Good question. But the good news is that when Jesus comes back the second time to receive us unto himself, he will do away with sinful flesh and temptation once and for all!  😃 He’s already taken care of the penalty of sin–taking the keys of death and hell away from Satan. But when he returns, he will destroy our corruptible, sinful bodies which are full of sin,  and he will give us a new body that is sinless 🙌. This process in which we will finally be made perfect just as Christ is perfect is called glorification. But in the meantime, until that happens, we still have to fight with sin. 😥

But the encouraging part about this fight is that we are not fighting alone. After Jesus died, resurrected and ascended back into heaven ☁, he left us with his holy word 📖 and his Holy Spirit 👻 to help us fight off temptation. He’s equipped us with his grace, and has given us power over all the works of the enemy–Satan 😈, as well as the ‘inner-me’– our own flesh.

Temptation is inevitable as long as we are on this plain of life. It’s unavoidable. I know that sucks. But hey, at least we are equipped to overcome it!  We just have to utilize the tools God gave us to defeat temptation: The bible ✔, prayer ✔, praise and worship ✔, and fellowship with other saints ✔.  God teaches us how to fight with these tools. We can’t get an easy way out. We have to fight for our freedom. But we’re blessed though, because in Christ, we have favor! As long as we obediently run the plays that are given to us, then we are set up for the victory. #WINNING

In summary, it’s important to know why we still struggle with sin today, so we don’t get discouraged or lose hope. Salvation from sin takes place in three levels:

1. JUSTIFICATION. When we accept Christ, we are blood washed and AUTOMATICALLY  BECOME SAVED from the “condemnation” of sin. Our spirit becomes one with His Spirit through regeneration. We have a new nature working in us now!

2. SANCTIFICATION. As we live a life of being led by the Holy Spirit and by the word of God, we are CONTINUALLY BEING SAVED from the “power” of sin. The more we submit to God, deny ourselves, and allow ourselves to be washed by His word, our souls will become cleansed and the influence of sin will weaken in our lives.

3. GLORIFICATION. When Jesus comes back and takes us to heaven, we WILL BE SAVED from the “presence” of sin. He’s going to destroy this fallen world full of temptation and make a new world for us to live on,  and he’s going to destroy our fleshly body and give us a new spiritual body so we won’t end up messing the world up again. This will be an exciting experience for us because  we won’t have to worry about imperfections, messing up and repenting anymore. We will be holy like the angels and perfect like God! So let’s endure the suffering of our flesh in this life, knowing that it isn’t worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed in us in the next life!!!

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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