In the gospel of John, chapter 9, therein lies the account of a man who was born blind. After Jesus had delivered him and gave him sight, the man went around proclaiming, “I once was blind, but now I see!” However, no one believed his testimony. His neighbors, friends and those who had formally known him as the blind man did not believe that he was indeed the new creature who they saw standing before them.

So, they took him before the Pharisees to get their opinion about his deliverance, and the religious order didn’t believe his testimony either. They doubted him. To finalize the matter, they summoned up the man’s parents, who knew him best. And his parents testified that he was indeed born blind, but now he sees. Still, no one believed the man nor his parents’ testimony, although the man’s deliverance itself was evidence and both his parents served as witnesses to his conversion.

Sometimes, when God delivers you from bondage, addiction, perversion or sin in general, you will run across family, friends, neighbors, and even church folk won’t believe your conversion. They’ll still see you as the same person they’ve always known you as. They’ll still see you as that drunkard, crackhead, child molester, murderer, homosexual, whore, liar, thief, snob, etc. But you have to know for yourself that you are a new creature–That Jesus delivered you. For he who the Son of Man sets free is free indeed.

Don’t allow anyone to discourage you or cause you to doubt your deliverance. Keep walking in your newness of life, and don’t forget who gave it to you, either! You don’t have to go around trying to prove your deliverance to anyone, but do keep sharing your testimony with others in order to give Him the maximum glory for what he has done in your life. Also, keep sharing your story with others in hopes that some will actually be inspired by you to seek personal deliverance from, and also put their own faith in the One who set you free–Jesus! ‪#‎IAmDelivered‬

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