Not Everyone Is Your Friend

Not everyone is your FRIEND. So stop using that word so LOOSELY.

Even JESUS wasn’t quick to call everyone his friend. He didn’t call any one of his disciples his friend until AFTER he got a chance to EXAMINE their SERVANTHOOD. In John 15:15 Jesus said: “I NO LONGER call you SERVANT, because a servant does not know his master’s business. INSTEAD, I have called you FRIEND, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” Once he spent enough time with them to see that they had the same heart as he did, and were on one accord to serve the Kingdom of God, then Jesus ENTRUSTED his disciples with everything he knew and called them his friends.

Our problem today is that we call any and every body our “FRIEND,” our “SIS” or our “BRO.” Without having any type of SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT and without first developing any type of INTIMACY (aka background knowledge of the person), we BLINDLY put our HEART and all of our TRUST into the hands of other people. (Listen: Just because you like a person or enjoy their company, doesn’t mean that you know them.) Then we become all shocked and feel betrayed and heart broken when these so-called friends of ours are exposed as our enemies. The devil has a way of dressing his messengers up and portraying them as children of light, when they are actually children of darkness.

SAINTS: Know those who labor among you. Test each person’s spirit with the Word of God. Examine the fruit that they bear. Listen closely to the type of conversations that people have with you, because from the abundance of their heart, their mouth will speak. Make sure you are on one accord before you agree to walk with each other. CATEGORIZE people accordingly: co-worker, classmate, associate, ally, colleague, business partner, earthly parents/siblings. etc. But just know that your true friends, your true parents, your true sisters and brothers are those who do the will of the Father in heaven. These individuals who are born again of God and are under the blood of Christ, although not perfect, are your family. Everyone else is an enemy until they are born again under the Spirit of God. Tough pill to swallow. But Jesus understood this. He made it clear that there are two kingdoms operating in the land: Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan. And we should not mix the two.

WARNING: Do not be unequally-yoked in your relationships/friendships. Bad company will corrupt your good character. Love everybody. But be careful whose lap you lay your head in. Not everyone has intentions to comfort you. Some people are on assignment to defile your covenant with God, to find out your weaknesses and take you out!!!

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