Sentenced To Hell

OMG!!! I had the most DISTURBING and NERVE-RACKING dream about HELL last night!

Ok, so in real life, I work for my university as a receptionist, where I deal with clients and greet visitors, and my boss is the assistant director, or the overseer of operations. I had a dream of both me and my boss. In the dream, I was the gatekeeper of three portals: Earth, Heaven and Hell. It was my job to greet dead people and either send them back to Earth for a second chance, grant them access to enter the kingdom of God, or to redirect them to the gates hell–as my boss instructed me to do so. (I discerned in the dream that I was only being used symbolically as one of the heavenly angelic hosts, and my boss was only being used symbolically as Jesus, who we know is the big boss, or Lord.)

So, in the dream, it actually took place in an office setting. It was one big room with just me and my desk in it, and there were three doors to the room. The door in front of me led to Earth, the door on the right led to Heaven, and the door on the left led to Hell. Every time someone died on Earth, they were sent to my office to be judged. So fast forward, the doorbell to Earth rung, and I buzzed the person in. When the person came in through the door and walked up to my desk, my boss, who was standing behind me, judged them, then pointed to the door on the right. I escorted the person to the door and opened it. It was very bright inside, with a peaceful vibe, and the floor was made of clouds. The person smiled and went through, then I closed the door.

When I sat back down in my seat, the doorbell to Earth rung again and I buzzed the next person in. Coming through the door was an old classmate of mine from high school. A friend who I’m no longer close to, but who follows me on Facebook and Instagram. A friend who I have ministered to on several occasions about Jesus. He came through the door wearing all black, and his face was downcast. He looked sad, depressed and his eyes were red, puffed up with tears. I already knew what was up. I got up from my desk and walked over to him. “Nooooooo. Broooo!!!! The Lord sent me to you as a messenger back in 2010! I gave you the gospel! I told you about Jesus! You said that you were a Christian and that you believed in God!” He looked at me, then bowed his head in shame, his heart was aching with regret. Although he professed that he was a believer, he never truly lived for Christ. Then my boss came up behind me and pointed to the door on the left. I looked at my boss with tears in my eyes… “NO!! He can’t go there! Please don’t send him there!” With tears in his eyes, my boss pointed to the door on the left again. Hesitantly, I opened the door, which actually looked like a prison cell door, and it was utterly dark inside. The only light that could be seen was from the hell-fire, and from the floor, which was made of burning lava and sulfur.

My boss pointed to the door again, signaling for my friend to go inside. My friend didn’t even chose to escape or justify himself. He just bowed his head and walked into the room. Once he stepped onto the lava-surfaced floor, his feet began to burn, and he began to hop around as if he were stepping on hot coals. My boss instructed me to close the door, to seal his fate, but I couldn’t. I shook my head in disbelief, and covered my mouth in shock. The sight was too horrific to watch, so I stepped away from the door. Because I wouldn’t close the door, my boss walked past me and closed the door himself. I could hear my friend screaming, crying and wailing behind the walls. I couldn’t stand to hear my friend cry out like that, so I woke myself up out of my dream.

I feel mentally disturbed right now. My throat is choking up, and I can’t stop these tears from swelling up in my eyes… OMG, I don’t want to see anyone go to hell!!! Lord Jesus, please give me a heart and a burden for the lost! Give me a greater spirit of boldness to reach the lost! I don’t care if they reject me, curse me out or persecute me! I just want to at least give them the opportunity to hear about you and your saving grace!!! Lord have mercy!!!!

One thought on “Sentenced To Hell

  1. Powerful Dream. May we all burn with the fire of the Holy Spirit and witness to the ones that the Lord places in our paths so that they can escape the flames of an eternal hell.


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