Don’t Get Comfortable. War Will Come!

Some people join the military only because of the benefits: the compensation ($$$), the discounts and perks, world travel, assistance with college tuition and paying off loans, free health care, life insurance, retirement plans, and etc. However, although all of these benefits are great, many get so comfortable with the pleasures of military life that they forget the fact that war will come.

In the same way, many Christians enlist into the kingdom of God, thinking that it’s all about the benefits and the gifts: being able to cast out demons, laying hands on the sick and seeing them healed, speaking in tongues, prophesying, being sent to the nations to share the gospel, etc…. But many Christians forget that WAR WILL COME. It’s not always going to be pretty or a walk in the park. You WILL BE attacked with spiritual warfare, you will be persecuted, rejected, hated, slandered, and possibly even imprisoned or martyred for your faith in Jesus. If your heart isn’t in it for the right reason, and you are only in this thing for what you think you can get out of it, then when hard times come, you will bail out. It’s not all about the blessings and the add-ons, you will go through some suffering! And Jesus taught that any man who puts his foot to the plow and looks back, isn’t worthy of being his disciple. Don’t renege on your pledge to Christ. Count the cost before you enlist in the Army of God!

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