The Purpose of Repentance

Sometimes, you just get TIRED of REPENTING… In your mind, you’re like: What’s the point of TURNING AWAY from sin, if I’m just going to TURN RIGHT BACK AROUND and commit the SAME EXACT SIN all over again?!?!

But the PURPOSE of repenting from your sins (no matter how many times you have to do so) is so that you won’t get COMFORTABLE or COMPLACENT in your sin, and most importantly, so that you do not DIE in your sin… If you don’t ever make an effort to turn away from your sin (because you feel like you’re just going to do it again), you may grieve the Holy Spirit so much so, to the point where you begin to LOSE your CONVICTION and become TOLERANT of your sin. You should never allow yourself to get to this point!! It may be the point of no return! That’s a reprobate mind–when God turns you over to your indecent acts. Do you want to be turned over!? But as long as you repent, you won’t be turned over.

As I was writing this status, I just saw a vision in the SPIRIT: Imagine yourself as a swimmer. If you were to dive into a deep tank of water without any scuba gear, and you go further and further down into the water without ever coming back up to the surface for air, you will eventually drown and die… It’s the same thing spiritually: If you dive deeper and deeper into sin, without ever turning around and coming back up for air (repenting), then you may drown and die in your sins…. Come back up for air!! You cannot live a Christian life without daily repentance–It is your spiritual oxygen, and without it, you will die!


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