Who Am I To Judge?

I hear and read the stories of countless people everyday, who tell me about all the crazy things they have done in their flesh. God has given me such a spirit of compassion, understanding and unconditional love, I don’t even judge people or look at them funny when I hear what they’ve done. After they tell me their most embarrassing secret, I’m like, “Ok. Is that all?” I don’t have time to judge anybody. My job is to give solutions, and the first thing I do is lead them into prayer and repentance, then I try to help them find the root to their issues.

How did I get to this point? Well, first, I just remember how wicked and deceitful and perverted my heart is. Realizing that we are all sinners and are all capable of committing the most ratchet acts in the flesh, I don’t put anything past anybody. I do have righteous indignation, though, or a godly anger when I hear about sin, and sometimes I get shocked when I find out that certain people fall, because I expected better from them. But I don’t condemn or treat anyone with contempt, especially when they come to me and confess their sin to me. It takes a lot of humility and courage for someone to vent to you about a struggle so personal and embarrassing. How dare I insult their injury with my self-righteousness? I am not exempt from making the same mistakes they made. It can happen to anyone. I display mercy and compassion toward everyone I encounter because God displays it toward me everyday. Love covers a multitude.

So, if you’re feeling all bottled up, don’t be intimidated or ashamed to talk to me. I’m listening. And if you know anyone else with the heart of God, and a heart for souls, I’m sure they won’t mind listening to you either.

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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