I watched a movie at home a while ago called “Cover,” and a line that one of the main characters said stuck with me: “Sorry! But I’m not the perfect son you wanted me to be, Dad.”

After the movie went off, I laid back on my bed, and with my head resting on my pillow, I stared into space, thinking about how imperfect and full of sin I was. Then I mentally pictured myself saying the same thing to God: “Sorry! But I’m not the perfect son you wanted me to be, Dad!” Then suddenly, kid you not, I heard the voice of GOD interrupt my thoughts with a still, calm whisper: “You may not be perfect, but the blood of my Son is perfect. His blood was shed for you, and now covers you. And if you would put your faith in this, it will make you perfect.”

I almost cried. God reminded me that yes, as a Spirit-filled believer, I am a son of God, undoubtedly. But I am not perfect in and of myself. As a son of God, I still sin, I still make mistakes, I still miss the mark sometimes, because I am still in this sinful flesh. Nothing I have done, am doing, or will do can make me righteous. My self-righteous works is of filthy rags to God. But it is my faith in Christ alone that makes me righteous. By applying the blood of the sacrificial lamb–Jesus Christ–upon the doorpost of my heart, I am seen in the eyes of God as perfect.

Thanks for the reminder, Abba Father. ‪#‎CoveredByTheBlood‬ ‪#‎PerfectByFaith

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