Sharing the Faith

If you are a follower of Christ, you should be out there sharing your faith. How could you have the gift of eternal life in you, and not share it with the dying world? Jesus COMMANDED his disciples in the Great Commission, to go forth and to make disciples of all nations. He spend three years teaching his disciples how to be “fishers of men.” Being shy, afraid or too busy is not an excuse to disobey God. Not wanting to hurt your friends, family or co-workers feelings by telling them the truth of God’s word is inexcusable. You do more damage to them by hiding the truth from them than disclosing it to them. Not wanting to offend someone’s religion by telling them that Jesus is the only way to Heaven is not the spirit that God gave you when he filled you with his Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit equips you with the boldness to be a witness of the gospel: Romans 1:16, unashamed.

Your relationship with God should not be so “personal” that you refuse to share it with others. When Jesus died on the cross, he didn’t die for an exclusive person, he died for the world. Take your faith in Christ off “Private/Friends Only” and put it on “Public.” If you don’t know all of the Bible and can’t quote scriptures that well, just share your testimony on how you got saved, until you grow in your knowlege of the Word.

“Jesus forgave me of my sins and he wants to forgive you too.” Start There.

Being insecure or discouraged because you have a “struggle” isn’t an excuse either. God will help you overcome all your “struggles” as you go out there and do his will. How is it that you want God to deliver you, but you don’t want to be used by God to deliver someone else? Scratch God’s Back and He’ll Scratch Yours.

If you want to share your faith but don’t know how, ask God, and let him help you. He will give you the words to say, and he will direct you to the person he wants you to minister to, if he doesn’t bring them to you first. Humble yourself and be available to God, and he will use you. You can’t keep your light ON, (or at least it won’t be visible), if you always have it hidden under a bowl. Set your light on the hill, so everyone can see it!

2 thoughts on “Sharing the Faith

    1. Here is a nice song that should encourage us to go out and share our faith. It’s called “Forward Me” by DJ Official feat. Cam.


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