I Remember When…

 My Sociology professor didn’t come to class today, but we had four guest speakers from Miami Coalition to come in today. The Miami Coalition is committed to reducing the problems of drug abuse, addiction, and directly related social issues in the Miami-Dade Community. As two of the women shared their testimony on how they were homeless people from New York, victims of child sex abuse, rape, drug a…buse, forced into prostitution, going through mental issues, been shot at, put in jail, underwent domestic violence and etc… and how this program helped them to overcome, I just burst into tears and start crying in the middle of class.

The coordinator asked me was I okay, and I said yes. But these ladies testimonies just took me back to a place that I forgot about. Then I shared my testimony on how “I remember when.” I remember when I underwent domestic violence, got kicked out of the house, several houses, was homeless, in a situation where I was in a sense taken from my mother, a victim of child sex abuse, and etc… But I thank God that he rescused me from my hurt and pain and made me the person I am today. Then the lady told me that I have an amazing testimony and although I used to be homeless, I am now a senior in college about to graduate. She said that I should volunteer at the Miami Coalition and share my testimony with the hundreds of kids they have in their program, because they need more strong teens/young adults who can encourage them to stand strong and overcome like I did. I am definitely considering.

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