I’ve been granted the opportunity to minister to an audience in East Africa, again. 😊

On Friday, July 9th, 2021, Rev. Patrick Kuchio, pastor at “Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM)” in Nairobi, Kenya, received so many comments following his online interview with me a few weeks ago, that members of the church and listeners of the interview have requested for me to come back for a Part II.

During Part 1, I shared my personal testimony, defined homosexuality in the Hebrew and Greek context, taught from the scriptures (both from the OT and NT) how and why homosexual behavior is indeed a sin. I spoke about God’s original intent for human gender and sexuality and how the fall of man affected our identity and nature. I also explained the difference between one who experiences unwanted same sex attraction vs one who practices a homosexual lifestyle.

During Part 2, I focused more on God’s loving heart toward homosexuals, the spiritual and mental warfare behind the struggle with one’s sexuality, gave practical tips on how to live a life of victory from homosexual behavior and thoughts, and how to establish healthy boundaries within one’s relationships with the same sex so it doesn’t become romantic or sexual.

Watch the playback of our LIVE interview and great discussion on Real Life Conversations as we took a deep dive into the topic of ‘Experiencing Freedom From Homosexuality.’ We streamed on Facebook @citamchurchonline.

Watch recorded video here:

Get in touch with CITAM:



(+254) 784 277 277

(+254) 728 221 221

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