Coronavirus Outbreak

I want to share my notes from church Sunday night.

We read Acts 3, the story of Peter healing the lame beggar at the Gate of Beautiful.

My apostle compared the lame man to the entire world, who is in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. The state of the world is lame, or crippled right now. People are getting sick and are dying. Schools and businesses have shut down. People are getting laid off and are without work. The stocks are down. The economy is bad. Life as we know it is on pause. The entire world is just crippled.

Like the lame man, the world is looking for something to fix their crippled state. They think that money, vaccines, social distancing, quarantine, etc. can fix their problem. But the only thing that can really fix the state of the world is Jesus! Just as Peter extended the right hand of fellowship and lifted the lame man up and offered him Jesus (who healed him), so should we as the Church lift the world up. We may not have silver or gold, or vaccines to give the world to fix the coronavirus problem, but what we do have, freely we’ve received and freely we give. And that’s Jesus! Let us share Jesus with the crippled world so that they can repent from their sins and get saved. Repentance is what will change the state of the world and cause healing to come to the land.

Also, during our quarantine shut in, let’s have the mind of Apostle Paul. Though we may be bound, the word of God is not bound (2 Timothy 2:9)!! Paul wrote most of the New Testament Epistles while locked up in prison–The same Epistles that we read and find encouragement from today. In the same way, while we’re locked up in our houses, we can still share the gospel through social media, (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, we call share the gospel over the phone, Etc.).

Don’t allow your physical circumstance to limit your ability to preach the gospel. Get creative. God has given us everything we need. He has shut the church building down so we can practice being the Church and take what we have and share it with those who are on the outside of the four walls– to share it with the lame man at the Gate of Beautiful.

Coronavirus has come into our nation because as a people, we have turned our back on God. So he has removed his hand of protection and is allowing calamity and sickness to come. But it’s not for our condemnation. It’s only to get our attention and to put our eyes back on him. It’s time to take back our authority in the Spirit and over the land. As the Church, we must stand in the gap and intercede for the world, acknowledge that we have sinned against God, repent, get back in right standing and then rebuild the walls of our nation which is in desolation.

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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