If you haven’t noticed, there’s a lot of spam going around on Facebook. And many times, we can easily get frustrated with the person from whose page we are receiving the spam. Sometimes, we may get so mad at the person, that we send them a message and vent our frustration to them, or we unfriend them, or even block them. But we oftentimes forget that it’s not our friend who’s spamming us on purpose. It’s a hacker, who has somehow gained access to their account.

In the same manner, we may be inclined to get mad at people in our personal lives because of their lawless behavior or because of how they mistreat us. We get so offended by them, that we retaliate or cut the person out of our lives completely. But we forget Epheaians 6:12 which lets us know that “we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, authorities, rulers of darkness and evil spirits in the heavenly realms.” In other words, it’s not the person who we are dealing with, but a demonic spirit that is operating in their life. A spiritual entity which influences, or even possesses them. A spirit which has gained access into that person’s life through a door that they left open. (When you don’t guard your heart, you give leeway for sin to creep into your life, and when you practice sin and don’t repent, you give demonic spirits legal access to your life.)

Let’s not be so quick to retaliate against people when we notice them acting unseemly. Let’s discern whether or not they are being demonically influenced (aka hacked), and if so, let’s pray and fast that spirit/hacker off of them. Spiritual warfare is real, people.

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