Cocaine Confession


Today, after noticing a nail that had gotten stuck in my tire, I went to this tire shop by my house to get it plugged. As I stood to the side and allowed one of the men at the shop to service my car, suddenly, this older woman who was standing nearby walks up to me and makes a surprising and random confession.

“I battle with cocaine addiction,” she confessed. “And it’s hard for me to give up the drugs because my old man is a drug dealer.”

I stared her in the face. Her countenance was down and she seemed very ashamed.

Without hesitation, I began to minister to her. “You don’t have to be addicted to drugs,” I assured her. “You can be free in Jesus name.”

As soon as I mentioned the words “free” and “Jesus”, she stared at me with eyes wide open. I could tell that the words I spoke had given her hope.

“Thank you!” she replied. “I needed to hear that.”

“Amen,” I said. “Do you want to be free, though?It’s one think to know that you can be free. But it’s another thing to want to be free and to actually put in the sacrifices needed to be free. You’re going to have to separate yourself from familiar people, places and things that pose as a stumbling block for you.”

“Yes. I understand,” she said. “And I want to be free.”

“Freedom is found only in Jesus.” I began to take her through the prayer for salvation. “Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe he’s the son of God? Do you believe he died on the cross for your sins–To save and deliver you from your sins? Do you believe he was buried and rose again on the third day, and is now sitting in heaven making intercession daily for you? Do you accept this Jesus into your heart as your personal Lord and Savior?”

“Yes, I do,” she replied to every statement, nodding her head with each answer.

“Ok, because you believe in your heart and have confessed the Lord Jesus with your mouth, I’m going to pray for your deliverance and for you to be filled with, and empowered by the Holy Spirit.”

As I laid my hands on her head, and prayed for her, I began to rebuke every addiction and generational curse off of her life, loosen every demonic stronghold, shackle and chain that had her bound, and bind up every spirit of guilt, shame, self-condemnation, heaviness, hopelessness, etc. I commanded any unclean spirit(s) to leave her and for the Holy Spirit to take residence inside of her vessel.

As I prayed for her, she began to scream and cry and shake. So I hugged her tight to me and continued to pray. When I finished praying, and let her go, her face was soaked with tears. No matter how much she wiped her face, the tears continued to flow.

“I feel free,” she expressed. “I feel so light! I never felt this light before. I sit on the corner of this tire shop every single day, and I drink my alcohol and smoke my cocaine. Everyone sees me as being hard and tough. No one has ever been able to make me cry or has ever seen me cry before. But as I cry, I feel a release. I know that I have to release what is inside of me in order to receive what God has for me.”

Taking money out of her back pocket, she continued, “I was just about to take this money and go buy me some drugs, but God sent you to me as a messenger to speak to me!!! I have never seen you before in my life. But I know that God brought you here just for me! I don’t need to buy any drugs. I need to use this money to get my son something to eat. My God-mother is a minister and she’s been telling me about Jesus and has been telling me that I need to stop using drugs for a long time now, but I never listened to her. When I bring my other drug addicted friends to her, they all get delivered and never go back. But she hasn’t been able to get me to stop. But God used you to speak to me and help free me.” Then, praising God, she reached out and wrapped her arms around me and gave me another hug.

After I finished ministering to her, I looked around and there were people circled all around us. The owner of the tire shop, several of her employees and even some other customers. Then the owner of the tire shop approached me.

“I don’t know who you are, but that was powerful. Whatever it is that you just did, it’s needed around here. You should come up here to my shop more often. There’s a lot of people who hang out on this corner who needs you to come help them and talk to them.”

“Praise God,” I responded. “What you just witnessed was the love of God delivering someone who was ready to be free.”

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