What Have You Been Delivered To?

The Holy Spirit has been placing Exodus 8:1 heavily on my spirit these last couple of weeks. The Scripture reads, “Then the LORD said to Moses, “Go to Pharaoh and say to him, ‘This is what the LORD says: Let my people go, so that they may worship me.'”
The Holy Spirit was teaching me from this passage that Pharaoh represents Sin. (Pharaoh was known as being a slave-master over the Hebrew people, just like sin has been described as being a slave-master over Humanity, according to Romans 6:14.) And then the Holy Spirit showed me that Egypt represents the place of bondage. (And we know that this worldly system is that place of bondage today. That’s why we are commanded to come out of this worldly system and to be a part of God’s kingdom.) But that is not even the meat of the revelation. That was just the foundation of it. Here’s the good part:
The Holy Spirit was revealing to me that when God delivered Israel from the hands of Pharaoh and from the bondage of Egypt, He didn’t deliver them to the Promise Land. No, catch this! He delivered them to Himself! The Scripture said that God commanded Pharaoh to let Israel go–not that they may travel to a land flowing with milk and honey–but that they may make a 3-day journey through the wilderness to worship and make sacrifices to Him at His holy mountain!
What is the importance of making this distinction? And how does this relate to us today? Well, when God delivers us FROM something, he always delivers us TO something else. We were created to be worshipers, to devote our affections to someone or something. That’s why when we don’t know GOD (the One who deserves all of our worship), we will make an idol out of anything, whether we begin to worship the sun, the moon, the rain, the sacred cow, statues, religion, money, education, position and power, or even ourselves. We will worship, sacrifice to, devote our lives to, and serve our master, Sin.
And if God were to deliver us FROM one of these targets of worship, but doesn’t deliver us TO another target of worship, then we will innately find something else to worship, whether we worship something different or go back to worshiping the very thing we were just delivered from. So God doesn’t just leave us stranded when he delivers us. He makes sure he redirects our worship and devotion to something that is pleasing to Him–namely Himself.
God does not deliver us FROM SIN or FROM the WORLD in order to deliver us TO TANGIBLE BLESSINGS. He delivers us FROM SIN TO HIMSELF, in order for us to KNOW Him and to have a RELATIONSHIP with Him, that we may be DEVOTED to Him.
Many times, when we get saved, we expect God to deliver us TO a career, TO a husband or wife, TO a position in ministry. But that’s not God’s aim when he first saves us. Those things most definitely can and most likely will be added on to our lives, just like the Promised Land was added to Israel. But God wants to deliver us to Himself initially. He’s not going to place or set anything in our lives before Himself.
Hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying!

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