God: The Redeemer of Time

“I will RESTORE to you the YEARS that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.” -Joel 2:25

Let me remind you that the LORD your God is the REDEEMER of lost time. He is able to restore back to you all the years that sin has eaten, and all the years that were wasted before you decided to wholly surrender your life to Christ.

Don’t be discouraged or disappointed in yourself for having not accomplished more things in life than what you believe you should’ve accomplished by now. You may think that you are too old now or that its too late to: get married, have children, reunite and start a relationship with your estranged children, go to college, start your career, fulfill the ministry assignment that God has on your life, etc. But it’s not too late. Again, Yah is able to redeem and restore lost time. And when he does, just know that your latter days shall be greater than your former days.

Don’t worry about the years you’ve lost. Start a new chapter in your life today!

9 thoughts on “God: The Redeemer of Time

  1. God bless your! This morning, God told me, “I Am the Redeemer of lost time.” It brought tears of relief to my eyes. People had been judging me harshly for what they thought I would have been by now. But, many of those same people haven’t done anything significant or obeyed God’s call on their lives. I was feeling down about where I was when God directly spoke to me those words. Then when I came across your post for the first time, it brought tears to my eyes because it confirmed what I heard. I’m so very grateful God doesn’t see us like others see us. I’m grateful for the time He has given me to continue to fulfill my purpose. God bless you.


    1. Amen! Praise God! Never compare your life to those around you. We all have a different process/journey and yours is unique. Success isn’t measured by how much money we make, how many degrees we have, how many followers or likes we get on social media. True success is measured by how obedient we have been to the Lord. Hearing “Job well done” is the ultimate goal. May God redeem the time you may have lost and may he bring you up to speed in the Spirit to the place he has destined for you to be in for this season. May your life and the fruit of your labor bring him glory, in Jesus name!


  2. What a great reminder of God’s goodness! “God is able to restore all the years sin has eaten up”. Whew! I continue to thank the Lord for being so merciful and showing the many characteristics of His holiness. Waiting on the many things I want may be difficult but knowing that God controls time is so encouraging because it won’t feel as though I waited for long.


    1. Amen! To have faith in God is to have faith in his timing. He may not come when we want him, but he’s always on time.


    1. The Word of the Lord does not lie, but accomplishes the the thing He sends it forth to do. This is, indeed, the Word of the Lord,


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