Deliverance 101

Just as trash attracts flies, so does sin attracts unclean spirits!

If you are being plagued or tormented by evil spirits, repent from your sins! You open the door and give those evil spirits legal access to come into your life when you are indulging in and practicing sin.

First, confess your sins to God, be very specific with your confession, and ask him to forgive you of your sins. Next, repent, or turn away from your sins. Make it up in your mind that you are going to stop committing those sins. If you have any accursed items in your possession that those demons might have attached themselves to, get rid of them. Destroy the accursed items. Then, renounce the legal covenant that you have made with these evil spirits. Tell them that you have repented from your sins and have surrendered your life to God again. Tell those demonic spirits that they no longer have access to you or authority over you because you broke all connections and soul-ties with them. Tell them that you are now covered under the blood of Christ. Tell them that their eviction notice has been served, and for them to exit out of your life, NOW, and to never return again, in JESUS NAME!

Now praise God for your deliverance! And make sure you occupy, or fill yourself up with godly things like prayer, worship, reading the Bible, listening to sermons and most importantly the Holy Spirit so those evil spirits can’t get access to you again. Don’t go back to practicing those sins again, because your deliverance may be harder to attain next time. When demons are cast out, and they see an area of compromise in you where they can come back into your life again, they like to come back 7 times stronger. So stay consecrated, and stay filled up with the Spirit of God and with edifying things. Know that greater is He who lives in you than he who is in the world.

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