Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality, The Falling Away of the Church

I’ve been having this reoccurring vision for a few weeks now, and I can’t seem to shake it. So I’m going to share it.

In the Spirit, I keep seeing a vision of this one church (representing the body of Christ as a whole). This church was having service one morning, and in the middle of the service, there became an uproar in the streets outside. There were loud noises, boisterous activities, unrestrained revelries, parades and floats; the LGBT community and its allies were having a gay pride celebration in the streets. They were celebrating the Supreme Court’s decision to  pass the marriage equality law.

As they were rejoicing, the congregation inside of the church became enticed–Specifically the men within the church who have homosexual desires (not those men with a contrite heart, but those with an unrepentant heart). These men within the church stopped what they were doing and ran outside to participate in the Gay Pride. They were happy that the law was passed, because deep down inside of their hearts, this is something that they have always wanted. I also saw in the vision that there were pastors and renown ministers, who also became enticed by the sound of victory that the LGBT community was making. These pastors and ministers also left from behind the pulpit and ran outside to celebrate in the Gay Pride. They were happy that they, too, can now experience marriage with members of the same sex. They were coming into covenant as pastor and first gentleman.

When I saw this vision, it’s as if I could hear the Lord speaking to me telling me that there will be a great falling away from the faith. The legalization of marriage equality will, and already has, expose the hearts of the people within the church–those who worship God with their lips and their mouths, but their hearts are far from him because they have areas of compromise in them.

I believe God is saying that for everyone who is hell-bent on leaving the church in celebration of gay pride or to be in a same-sex marriage, this is his judgment upon them. He is giving them over to a reprobate mind, to the desires of their own hearts, to do those things which are not fitting, since they have refused to retain the knowledge, fear, and reference of God. They have chosen to suppress the truth of God’s word to live a lie in all unrighteousness. God said let them leave because their hearts are set. He is using this change in the law of the land to expose hearts in this season. He is cleaning his house. He is shaking up the church and weeding out the false disciples from the real disciples.

But for those of you in the Church who struggle with unwanted same-sex attraction, (members or ministers), please don’t break under pressure. Don’t give in to the temptation to backside like the others with the unrepentant hearts have done. Don’t be enticed, or become jealous or covetous of what the world is doing. Continue to focus on what God is doing in you. You are a new creature now. God is training you and is going to use you as an example to those who are in that lifestyle–to bring them out. But he can’t use you if you compromise and do what they are doing. Stand strong in the faith. May the love of Christ motivate you, the Spirit of the Lord keep you, and the grace of God empower you to continue living a life of holiness, freedom and victory over the flesh. Shalom.

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Marriage Equality, The Falling Away of the Church

    1. Amen. Let us not be drawn away by a spirit of compromise. Let’s search our hearts, and ask God to remove anything from us that can pull us out of his presence.


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