Sex Can’t Buy Love

LADIES: Just because a man enjoys having sex with you, does not mean he loves you. And just because he had a baby by you does not mean he’s going to all of a sudden settle down and start being faithful to you either. Just ask Leah of the Bible (ref. Genesis 29 & 30).

Leah remained abstinent all the way up until marriage and gave up her precious virginity to her first love, Jacob, on their wedding night. But her act of selflessness and loyalty didn’t cause him to fall back in love with her. Leah felt miserable her whole marriage  because she was unloved by her husband. She often had to fight for his attention because he was seeing another woman on the side. So in a desperate  attempt to win her husband’s heart, she bore him six sons and a daughter, thinking that would do the trick.  But blessing her husband with royal offspring still didn’t cause him to cherish her. No matter what Leah did to win her husband’s attention and affection, Jacob’s heart was still set on Rachel, Leah’s sister, his first love.

Ladies, many of you are looking for love in a man who is still in love with his first love. Many of you are in a relationship with a man who still hasn’t gotten over his ex-lover. Every time you’re out with him on a date, he goes all Usher on you, talking about: 🎵”You remind me of a girl that I once knew…”🎶

Listen, you can not make a man love you by having sex with him or by having his baby. You can not make a man love you by asking God to change his heart. A man has to want to be with you via his own free will. If he wants you in his life, he’ll make time for you, not excuses. You shouldn’t have to fight for a man’s love. If he’s indecisive between you and some other woman, help him to make up his mind by removing yourself from the equation.

Guard your heart. Don’t awaken love before the right time. Save yourself the drama, the heart ache, and pain. Stop giving your body and affections over to a man whom God never intended to be your spouse. Stop having babies by dead beats and lowlifes. Leave the immature, indecisive, double-minded little boys alone. And if a man is still broken-hearted, or still has a soul tie with his ex, stop trying to play his surgeon. Get out of the way and let God heal and deliver him. He’s obviously not ready to be in a relationship right now. Wait for God to send you a husband who is going to be able to love you; one who will be willing to forsake all others and be wholly devoted to you. You deserve it. #KnowYourWorth #WorthTheWait #TrueLoveWaits

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