Don’t make haste. Acknowledge God in all of your ways and let him direct your steps.

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“He that makes haste with his feet sins.” – Prov. 19:2

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Have you ever moved on something too quickly because you were anxious, afraid, or thought you had it all figured out without first seeking God only to have that thing fail and crumble? Or have you wanted to do something so bad but didn’t feel peace from God to go ahead and do that thing and didn’t have the patience to wait on God for a reply?

I’m sure most people, like me, have experienced that to some degree. I went through a similar situation recently where I had a dream about someone. I believed I had the full interpretation and really wanted to go and share it with the person. I was actually very anxious to share it with them but I KNEW I was supposed to wait and pray on it some more to see if God…

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