Birthing The Glory

I keep seeing this vision in the spiritual realm of a pregnant woman lying on a delivery table. And as she is travailing and pushing to give birth to the baby, the baby finally comes out, but the mother ends up dying while giving birth because the baby was too big.

God gave me revelation of the vision. The pregnant woman represents the Church. And the baby represents the glory of God. We, the Church, are carriers of the glory of God, and God wants to birth his glory through us, but in order for the glory to be birthed; in order for the glory to be manifested, we, the Church, must die. No flesh can dwell in the glory.

We must decrease in our pride; decrease in our self-righteousness; decrease in our desire to be seen and praised by man; and we must allow God to get all the credit and all the glory for what he is about to do in and through our lives.

2 thoughts on “Birthing The Glory

    1. God gave me the interpretation. When God gives dreams and Visions, he also gives interpretation for them. I would not have understood it that way had he not explained it to me that way. I would have thought the dream was literal but it was actually symbolic.


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