Free Drivers License

I should have gotten my drivers license a loooong time ago. I’ve known how to drive ever since I was 14, but I justified that there was no point in actually getting my license if I didn’t even have a car to drive. So I lazily postponed. Don’t judge me. Lol.

But about two weeks ago, around 3 am, the Holy Spirit woke me up from my sleep and told me to study the drivers license handbook that was collecting dust on my dresser, because he wanted me to get my license before my 24th birthday, which was coming up in just a few days. So I woke up, read and studied the entire handbook for the next 5 hours, and at 8 am, I went to the DMV. Not only was I one of the first people in line, but I passed the written test on the first try, after cramming for the test just hours earlier. When I got ready to take the physical driver’s test, I unfortunately failed the first time because I accidently hit a cone trying to park. Bummer. But when I came back a few days later to retake the driver’s test, I passed it.

The first time I took the drivers test was free, but since I failed it and had to retake it, the DMV was supposed to charge me $20 for the retake. They were also supposed to charge me $48 for my Class E drivers license. When I went up to the cash register to pay, I gave the cashier my debit card to make the transaction. Then she gave it back to me with my printed receipt, but the receipt read, TOTAL FEES: $0.00.

“You didn’t even charge —,” I started. But she just smiled at me and called for the next person in line. I didn’t even know that lady. But I knew it was God using her to bless me because it was God who was pressuring me to get my license that day. Thank you, Jesus, for the early, and free birthday present!!



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