If I Have Called You To It, Then You Are Ready For It

To be honest, I personally didn’t think I was ready at all for marriage when I first got engaged to my fiancée back in 2012. I was only 22 at the time that I proposed. I thought I was too young to settle down, and I didn’t think I had enough experiences in life to bring to the table. I hadn’t finished college yet. I was working a part-time job that only paid a little more than minimum wage, and I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career after graduation. I wasn’t established financially and I didn’t have my own house or car yet. I was still living at home with my mom and was catching the bus to get around. Furthermore, I didn’t think I was where I needed to be spiritually, esp. with regard to my prayer life and my devotion. I lacked discipline and maturity in certain areas of my life and I was still struggling with some personal issues that I wanted to get delivered from before entering a marriage. I felt like I wasn’t in the season to even be thinking about marriage. Heck, I didn’t even know what it meant to be a husband. I’ve never been one before…

So, why would I get engaged if I felt like I wasn’t ready? I did it because God told me to. I tried to reason with God and tell him that I didn’t think I was ready, but he responded to me, “If I have called you to it, then you are ready for it.”

Remember God doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.

If God gives you a word to go forward and get into a relationship (and make sure you get a word), don’t worry about what you have or what you lack. We are men of God. We don’t go by what we see-or by what it looks like around us. The just shall live by faith. It’s quite natural for us as men to want to be financially secure and to be well-established before we get married. But we must know and trust that God is our provider and he will supply us with everything we need in order to manage our family.

Ever since I’ve entered into my relationship, God has been doing a work in me. He’s been maturing me spiritually, he’s been delivering me from those issues that I was struggling with, and he’s been giving me knowledge and understanding on what it means to be a husband. He’s been teaching me how to budget and has been providing all of my financial needs. I’ve since graduated from college, and have had several career jobs offered to me. Listen, what you don’t accomplish before you get into your relationship, you’ll accomplish once you get into it.

When the Lord gives you a confirmation on who your godsend is, and when he lays it on your heart to pursue her as your wife, don’t be afraid of failure, and don’t be intimidated by your insecurities or your inadequacies. Just be obedient and watch God work it all out for your good. God honors marriage above all, and if he’s the one bringing you two together, he will pour out his blessings and favor upon your life. He will provide, and he will give you the grace to be the best husband you possibly can be to your wife. At least, that’s what he’s doing for me. I don’t have everything together yet. And I still don’t have a clear picture of what God is doing in my life; but he is piecing together my puzzle, that’s for sure. And once he’s finished, I know it’s going to be something glorious. Just watch and see. ‪#‎Transparent‬

5 thoughts on “If I Have Called You To It, Then You Are Ready For It

  1. Your testimony is very inspiring!
    I’d like to ask you, how did God show you or confirm to you that Deborah is your wife. I’d love to know please


    1. Sorry for the delay. Didn’t see your comment until just now.

      Long story short:

      God first revealed to me that Deborah was my wife via a dream. I had a dream that someone asked us if we were ready to get married. When I woke up from my dream, I audibly heard the voice of God speak to me and say, “THIS IS YOUR WIFE. FOR I HAVE GIVEN HER UNTO YOU.”

      I didn’t believe the dream or the voice I heard. So I asked God that if it was indeed him who was talking to me, to give me another confirmation. So one day, Deborah and I were texting, and we innocently sidetracked from our convo and got on the subject of marriage and it freaked me out because it happened so randomly. Then, in the middle of us texting, I heard God speak to me again, “PURSUE AFTER HER. IF I HAVE GIVEN HER TO YOU, SHE WILL NOT REJECT YOU, FOR MY BLESSINGS CANNOT BE REVOKED.”

      Then I told God that before I pursue her, I needed one more confirmation. So, a few hours later, my mom picked me up from work and when I got in the car, she randomly asked me, “How is your future wife doing?” Mind you, I had never had a conversation with my mom about what was going on. So I asked her, what prompted her to ask such a question, because I was actually thinking about the idea of marriage right before I got in the car. Then she said, “I do not know what made me ask that question. But if you were thinking about marriage before I asked you, then take it as a confirmation.” After that, I knew that God was confirming to me to get married to Deborah….

      And as icing on the cake, once I contacted her to let her know that I believe it was the will of God for us to get married, she gave me my final confirmation by letting me know that God had revealed to her the same exact thing, only about 2.5 years before me. She was just waiting for me to approach her. So I received countless, undeniable confirmations via dreams, prophecy, audibly hearing God, my mom, and from the bride herself. From the mouth of 2-3 witnesses, the word was established.


      1. You’re welcome! Have you ever heard of a story like mine, where God linked two individuals together?


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