Bending Over Backwards

Have you ever wondered why is it that even after you’ve gone out of your way for people and have bent over backwards for them, they still give you their back-sides to kiss?

Well, you aren’t the only one who that has happened to. Jesus came into the world full of grace and truth. He opened the eyes of the blind, opened the mouths of the mute and opened the ears of the deaf. Jesus healed those with sicknesses, made the lame to walk and even resurrected the dead. He fed the hungry and catered to the youth. He sought justice for the oppressed and extended mercy towards thieves and prostitutes, encouraging them to change their ways. He cast out demons and and taught people how to walk in love and have a personal relationship with God. He was perfect in all of his ways and had never sinned. He was a humble servant to mankind. Yet, at the end of the day, mankind said, CRUCIFY HIM!!!”

If you are a Christian (follower/disciple of Christ), be careful not to do good deeds in society or for other people expecting them to return the favor back to you, because if that is the case, you will get your feelings hurt really quick. Look at what happened to Jesus, who is our example.

I know we may feel like we are entitled to, or are deserving of the same attention, but we may not always get that. The world will take our acts of loving-kindness for granted because they don’t know any better. They aren’t familiar with the ways of God, so they aren’t sensitive enough to appreciate our charity.

Therefore, let our motivation for doing good deeds for others be because we want to please God, not because we are trying to please people. Let’s continue to be a blessing to others because Jesus was a blessing to us. Don’t be so quick to give up on doing what’s right. Don’t grow discouraged in your attempt to live a life of servanthood. Your works are not in vain. God sees all.

And remember that even after the world basically told Jesus to kiss their back-sides, spat in his face and hung him on the cross to die, at the end of the day, once the Father resurrected him from the grave, some of those same people came back to him to ask for forgiveness and to receive life. You can’t win the hearts of everyone, but know that it may take some time for others to comprehend your love. And once they do, they will regret how they’ve treated you in the past. Remain faithful to what you’ve been doing. Be quick to forgive. May your love never run dry. Great will be your reward in heaven!


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