Jesus: Intercessor for Mankind

And God’s eyes burned with fury as he looked down from his Throne upon the sinfulness of humanity–for the level of wickedness had increased and had spread across the face of the earth. While lifting up the cup held in his hand, getting ready to pour out his divine wrath, a loud cry echoed throughout the heavens, “FATHER, NOOOOOOO!!!”

Standing at the base of the throne stood Jesus, the only begotten son of God, with his arms stretched out wide in an earnest attempt to prevent his Father from dealing out retribution. “Father, please!! Don’t do it. Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

“I cannot let sin go unpunished. The Lord your God is a just God.”

“I understand. And you will be completely justified in executing judgment on the world, for they have all broken your laws and have done what is evil in your sight. But there must be another way to make propitiation; there must be another way to appease your wrath other than destroying the entire human race!”

“The entire human race is guilty of transgressing against the law, from the least one to the greatest, and their blood shall be on their own hands.”

“Father, I have never broken any of your laws–neither through action, word or thought. I have kept your commandments–each one with all of my heart, soul, mind and strength. I am perfect just as you are perfect. If there is anyone worthy enough to make a plea with you, it is me.”


“Father, if you want to deal with sin, then deal with me. Grant me, who has never known sin, to become a sin offering for their sake. Allow the weight of their transgressions to rest upon my shoulders. I will bear the punishment for the sins of the world, if you will in exchange, allow all who accept me and my sacrifice to become righteous in your eyes.”

“So be it. Through Adam’s sin, death entered into the world and has spread to all men. But through your obedience, many will be declared righteous.”

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