Intimacy With God

I was just sitting here thinking about how dry my prayer life seems and how hard it is to get into the presence of God sometimes. Then out of nowhere, I received a vision of a man and woman attempting to have sex. The man was trying to go inside of the woman but she was too dry and he was having difficulty penetrating her. There was no secretions being released because her body wasn’t properly prepared to have sex. Then the vision went away and I immediately received the revelation.

A woman’s vaginal walls need to be lubricated first, so the man’s penis can go in easily. Simple things like foreplay, or warming up, will begin to release her chemicals and prepare her body for sex. Likewise, when we are trying to pray but don’t know how to flow, and it seems like there is warfare and it is really hard to GET IN to the presence of God, it will help a lot if we were to “lubricate” the atmosphere first through praise and worship. When we set time aside for “foreplay,”–if you will–instead of just trying to rush in, it will become much easier to gain access into the heavenlies, and our prayers will begin to flow naturally.

I realized that praying to God is like making love to your spouse. It should be something PERSONAL and INTIMATE. Don’t rush intimacy with God, because you won’t enjoy it. God wants to commune with you and open himself up to you as you open yourself up to him. If you’re having difficulty trying to tap into God, try worshiping before you pray. Take your time. No quickies!

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