Don’t be deceived by the false gospel and the false hope that is being preached in churches today:

Receiving the free gift of eternal life doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will experience a longer life, or even a better life here on Earth (the first generation disciples didn’t even experience that; they experienced quite the opposite)… But eternal life does, however, guarantee a Christ-life. Christ-life is when you experience an abundance in grace, mercy, forgiveness, truth, righteousness, spiritual liberty, love, internal joy and peace.

As a Christian, your physical circumstances may or may not change, and you may even die at an early age, but there is something about having security in your salvation and knowing for sure where you are going after you die.

What’s the point of getting saved, then, if things aren’t guaranteed to get better for you on this side of life? … Well, you aren’t living for this life. You are living for the life to come. And your present sufferings aren’t worthy to be compared to the glory that shall be revealed.

Listen: God is preparing a place for you in heaven so that where he is, you may be also. And he is coming back for you. Redirect your attention from worldly things to spiritual things. Let your hope be found in the eternal God, not in your temporal issues/possessions which will one day pass away with time. #ChristLife

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