Bible Contradictions?

Sometimes, two scriptures in the Bible may “seem” to contradict, but you have to make sure you read them in context. Sometimes the context, and tone in which the two scriptures were written are completely different.

And other times, a scripture may say “do” or “don’t do” something in one place, (especially the Old Testament) but then later on, that commandment becomes fulfilled, and is made void in a later section of the Bible.

And finally, within the Four Gospels of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), some passages may seem to contradict in these books, but remember, these are 4 different accounts of the life of Jesus, written by 4 different authors, at 4 different times…. These authors got the information for their book by going around different towns, gathering up stories from the people who were firsthand eyewitnesses to the miracles and teachings of Christ. They wrote down what they, as well as others remember seeing and hearing.

Not everything in the 4 books of the Gospels are going to match up word for word, or else that means the authors were plagiarizing and copying off of each other’s works…. No two people or eyewitnesses are going to remember an account the same exact way. (And since the gospels were written a few decades after Jesus ascended back to heaven, of course you can expect people’s memories to not be 100% precise. They may have forgotten some things.) But for the testimonies written in these 4 books to have soo much in common, despite the different time periods in which they were written (which could be anywhere between 40-70 A.D.), you can’t help but accept the fact that these books are more alike than they are different. They are more parallel and complementary to each other than they are contradicting.

Questions. Comments. Concerns.

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